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World Heritage Listing of the Blue Mountains

Jan 22, 2019 | Blue Mountains History

In the year 2000 the greater Blue Mountains was included on the World Heritage List. Spread over 1,000,000 ha it is a vast area and comprises of seven national parks but referred to as being the Blue Mountains. The actual Blue Mountains National Park is only about a quarter of the total area and most of the villages are contained in this area.

It is a fascinating location with many recreational opportunities, such as bush walking, hiking, abseiling, mountain biking trails, horse riding,  rock climbing and others. Sightseeing is the biggest attraction for visitors of the Blue Mountains with breathtaking views from numerous look outs all over the region.

One great advantage is that visitors of today can easily enjoy this spectacular area with little effort. There are numerous tours from Sydney every day and there is a train service with numerous departures every day.

There is an excellent road system from Sydney with a four lane highway travelling across the Blue Mountains from Penrith to Lithgow, a distance of 85 Kilometres.

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