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The creation of the Blue Mountains

Jan 28, 2019 | Blue Mountains History

The Blue Mountains is a very unique mountain range 80 km to the west of Sydney and was created by volcanic action and erosion.

For 170 million years huge deposits of sandstone and mud pushed upwards from volcanic action underneath making sandstone the dominant rock of the Blue Mountains with soft sedimentary layers of shale and coal.

In the following years, erosion caused huge chunks of sandstone to break away from the cliffs causing much of this plateau to dissolve into creeks streams and rivers. The crumbling sand deposits were then washed into the rivers and out into the flood plains of the Nepean and Hawkesbury Rivers. Our Blue Mountains Tours including the Day Tour and the Blue Mountains private Tour come to this location known as Echo Point. It is also home to the Three Sisters which we will recount to you on this day Tour.

The result of all this erosion created this ragged Mountain range known as the Blue Mountains National Park

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