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Mount Wilson, the smallest village in the Blue Mountains

Jan 28, 2019 | Blue Mountains Towns

Mount Wilson is the smallest of all the villages in the Blue Mountains. It is a unique location and accessed from the Bells Line of Road. It was named in 1870 and has become a small part of England. The residents love the cold Blue Mountains air. They moved to Mount Wilson and created a hamlet that you will find in England. Large Homes were built with vast gardens. There are hundreds of English trees and many of the residents are from England

It is a must see in the Autumn and the Spring for the colours in the gardens. If you’re travelling in your car around the Blue Mountains for a few days then Mount Wilson is a must visit location. There are no service stations, shops or stores so you need to be prepared but the scenery is just beautiful and a great location to commence many of the best walking trails in the Blue Mountains.

Various attractions are open all year round and some only in the Spring and Autumn. The Turkish Baths are unique and worth a visit. Check opening times before you go.

Our normal Blue Mountains Tour does not venture here as it out of the way a little and there is not enough time.       It is popular on our private Blue Mountains Tours, especially not going to the Wildlife Park which can be time expensive.

There is a variety of self contained accommodation and in the middle of winter on a cold weekend you can sit in front of an open fire with a good book without a sound except for the birds. Fantastic experience. There are many shorter walks of 4 to 5 hours duration and then back to the cottage for a hot bath and open a bottle of shiraz. Simply paradise!

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