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Mount Victoria, the highest village in the Blue Mountains

Jan 28, 2019 | Blue Mountains Towns

Mount Victoria is on the edge of the western escarpment where you descend the Blue Mountains down on to the grazing land below. It is just far enough away from Sydney for people to call it home and lived there permanently and keeping the Sydney residence as the holiday home.

This western escarpment made for a difficult descent down from the mountains. A number of tracks were cleared for Cox’s road as it went down to the village of Hartley Vale. It was a most precarious descent and the coaches had to cut down a tree and drag it behind the coach to slow its descent. In later years another path down was found and called Victoria Pass but again it was too steep. Then a local businessman came up with a solution of a new ascent and it was called Burgoff’s pass. It is on the edge of the Western escarpment which takes you down into the grazing land is below. It had an easier climb and cars of that era could handle. Then in later years the Victoria Pass road was widened and it became the recognized route down. The railways overcame the problem with the Zig Zag technique as per the eastern side.

In the early days many families from Sydney built large mansions is in Mount Victoria as their country estate and many live there throughout the whole year to enjoy the crisp mountain air. In the early days it was known as One Tree Hill. A toll house was built in 1849 at a place called Broughton’s Waterhole. It was a small sandstone cottage of which there are only two left standing today the other one being in Windsor.

Tolls were collected on this Bathurst Road with wagons with heavy steel wheels were free of the toll because of the crushing affect on the stones on the main road and those with rubber tyres paid the toll of approximately $10 in today’s money.

Some of our Blue Mountains Tours do visit Mt Victoria, especially on the Round circle tour route using Bells Line of Road. Another of our Blue Mountains Tours to the Jenolan caves passes through Mt Victoria. Private Blue Mountains Tours often visit this mountain village.

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