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Kings Table Land and Lincolns Rock

Jan 28, 2019 | Blue Mountains Lookouts

Kings Tableland is part of the traditional land of the Gundungurra Aboriginal People who have lived in the Blue Mountains for over 20,000 years. It was a traditional meeting place for the local aboriginal people and was a very significant spiritual site as well. They would have corroboree, (which is a social get together like a dance) there for all the locals to meet up. This name was proclaimed by Governor Macquarie in Honour of King George the Third (1762-1824)

There are numerous aboriginal artifacts such as spear sharpening groove marks (dated as being 22,000 years old) remain on this rocky wilderness outcrop and more recently it has been renamed Lincolns Rock after the renowned Mount Everest mountaineer Lincoln Hall who lived nearby.

This look out is only accessible in a small vehicle. It is down a short gravel road which is a bit rough but it’s all worth it for the fantastic views you have down through the Jamison Valley and is one of our favorites for lookout locations and one of the best in the Blue Mountains

This is the Blue Mountains at its best and where you can take some memorable Photos. We are here for around 25 minutes. It is where you get that rugged feeling of this amazing world Heritage site.

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