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Jenolan Caves Blue Mountains

Jan 28, 2019 | Blue Mountains Attractions

These caves are located near the town of Oberon. This area is a protected area within the Blue Mountains national Park. Of all the caves in the world the Jenolan Caves system  is recognized as the oldest geological formation.The clay has been dated by Sydney University to be 340 million years old. There are over 40 klms of Chambers and more than 300 entrances this system of caves is very complex. 11 Caves are open to the public. In 1867 the Jenolan Caves was the first reserve ever to be set aside for preservation in New South Wales.

The first electric lighting system was installed for the first time in the world into the  Jenolan Caves Complex.

There is excellent accommodation and if you have the time you may wish to stay over. We operate a Blue Mountains Tour that includes the Jenolan Caves. It includes more travel and Jenolan Caves Blue Mountains Tour is about a visit to the magnificent caves.

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