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Furber Stairs Blue Mountains

Jan 28, 2019 | Blue Mountains Walks

This walk is excellent and is in a great location. If you are up for a great walk of around 30 minutes you will love this. Some beautiful rain forest scenery and you can even take a detour to the midway point of the Katoomba falls. It is is always dark and sinister when you walk through the forest and there is an overhanging cliff which was home to the aboriginal people over thousands of years.
This is one of the best walks near Scenic World and ideal for those who have a better than average fitness level. It is downhill all the way but it can be a slippery descent. Our Blue Mountains Tour will give you the opportunity to do this walk and many do it and avoid all 3 rides. There is a fabulous lookout from the Katoomba Falls on the way down.
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