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Blue Mountains and Bushfires

Jan 28, 2019 | Blue Mountains Weather

For thousands of years the Blue Mountains have been devastated with bush fires these are caused by dry lightning strikes due to the heavy ironstone content in the rocks and soil of the Blue Mountains.

This ironstone acts as an earth to the lighting charges in the air creating a spark on the ground and there is a spark of ignition and a new spot fire is created.

There have been some huge fires in 20 years and only 6 years ago a total of 210 homes were destroyed at Winmalee. The Eucalyptus trees with their high oil content just burst into flames in the hot summer. It is very difficult to control this type of bushfire and enormous resources are used to save property and the residents of the Blue Mountains. We do not want to have a Blue Mountains Tour clogging the roads for emergency vehicles.

There over 20 Rural Fire Brigades all man by volunteers spread over the mountains. Each year their work is exceptional, and many homes and properties have been saved by the heroic efforts of these volunteers. 

If there are Bushfires close to the area we visit we do not run a tour that day. We monitor the fires location and as it is such a vast area a bushfire may be 80 kilometres away but still be in the Blue Mountains. Safety is our priority. If it is unsafe, or if there are any concerns we will cancel our Blue Mountains Tour  and you will receive a full 100% refund.

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