Medlow Bath the Health Centre of the Blue Mountains

Medlow Bath is an incredible small village in the Blue Mountains. Originally it was named Medlow but this was changed to Medlow Bath with the development of a new health resort called Hydro Majestic Hotel. The proprietor thought that by adding the word Bath it would excite people’s interest to this new property. This incredible […]

Katoomba, the largest town in the Blue Mountains

This Blue Mountains town had a number of names in the early years including Dungungurra by the local aboriginal community, it was also known as The Crushers due to crushing of rocks for Ballast in the construction of the railway line. In 1877 the name of Katoomba was officially pronounced. It is derived from an […]

Blackheath and the Rhododendron Gardens

Blackheath is a beautiful Blue Mountains village located near the highest point (1065 metres) of this Mountain Range. With it’s lovely misty days when the clouds sit low over the mountains, Blackheath could be in Scotland Some of the most awe-inspiring scenery and the best walking tracks in the Blue Mountains are to be found near […]

Hazelbrook Township, Railways, Aboriginal Art and History

This is another one of those towns on the main railway line going from East to West crossing the Blue Mountains.  This town has one of the highest concentrations of indigenous art works in the whole of the Blue Mountains numerous caves the stencil hand prints and paintings scattered through the area just near the […]

Blaxland named after Gregory Blaxland, Early Explorer

The next town the train came to was Blaxland.  It was named after the early explorer Gregory Blaxland who crossed the Blue Mountains in 1813 on the first discovery trip. Blaxland became an important siding for the trains travelling up and down the mountain it was very steep section of track and required extra assistance […]