World Heritage Listing of the Blue Mountains

In the year 2000 the greater Blue Mountains was included on the World Heritage List. Spread over 1,000,000 ha it is a vast area and comprises of seven national parks but referred to as being the Blue Mountains. The actual Blue Mountains National Park is only about a quarter of the total area and most […]

Early Railway Development and the Zig Zag system of ascent

When the Railway came to the Blue Mountains in the 1860s and 1870s it opened up this vast National Park for trade, residential demand, shops, sporting facilities and much more. To construct this railway many issues had to be overcome. The first big issue was the gradient to be overcome on both sides. The gradient […]

The creation of the Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains is a very unique mountain range 80 km to the west of Sydney and was created by volcanic action and erosion. For 170 million years huge deposits of sandstone and mud pushed upwards from volcanic action underneath making sandstone the dominant rock of the Blue Mountains with soft sedimentary layers of shale […]

The early crossing of the Blue Mountains

For tens of thousands of years there has been aboriginal occupation in the Blue Mountains. In the early days of settlement in the colony of New South Wales There was a belief that you could reach China if you cross the Blue Mountains. Such a simple idea and the government encouraged early exploration to see […]