Duplicate Post Parramatta River Cat Ferries Duplicate Post

Duplicate Post Parramatta River Cat Ferries Duplicate Post

For those who must do the ferry return to the city this is the best one. It is far less crowded, and travels much faster than the big ferry. We do not guarantee this ferry return to the city but there there is a ferry every 30 minutes or so.

There is a ferry departure at 5.50 pm and arrives at Circular Quay at 6.20 pm, and another departure at 6.30 pm. The 5.50 pm ferry passes the large ferry en route which left about 30 minutes earlier.

All boats create wake and the larger boat the more wake created as the speed increases. These ferries were designed in North Queensland for Sydney’s river system and were introduced in the 1990’s.

These unique boats are specially designed to have a high speed with very little wake which is the scourge of ferries all over the world. By using a long catamaran construction from a design to eliminate wake. It has been a very successful investment.

Sydney ferries has 7 of these boats which have been in service for well over 20 years. This Ferry costs $10 per person and we do not include this ferry on our tours. We prefer to have more time in the mountains and take the opportunity to do the rides more than once as we have plenty of time.


Length 38 metres

Draft 1.4metres

Beam 10 metres

Passengers 230

Speed 22 knots (41 klms per hour)